We bridge the world of art and architecture with imagination and a curatorial vision. 


Jenn Radlinski is an interior designer and founder of JENN RADLINSKI, a prominent design firm specializing in high-end residential, hospitality, and luxury interiors. Radlinski's inspired custom designs create visually aesthetic, tactilely stimulating, and thought provoking spaces. She incorporates sculptural components, repurposed materials, and vintage elements to create a high style, sensory rich environment that captures the rhythm and energy of each space. Radlinski’s eye for detail, combined with her passion for travel, art, and architecture, imbues her design with a modern mixture of history and spatial relativity. Her goal is to realize each client’s unique vision through a personalized, efficient, and customized design process that leads to impeccable implementation. Radlinski has worked on projects published in Elle DecorInterior DesignMetropolitan Home, and many others.